“Why Everyone Should Take Notes” … and Diary

(Title & photo credit- https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6529279365681807360 & https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/why-everyone-should-take-notes)

May 8, 2019

Everyone should take notes.jpg

Richard Branson on his LinkedIn feed gave an excellent summary of some reasons for note taking.  Just to summarize-

  1. “To note points that most interest or concern” you;
  2. “How do you expect to remember what was said and act upon it?”
  3. “you can prioritize them and take action”.

Which immediately reminded me of my own father.

I joined our family business on exactly January 1, 1990.  One of the very first things my father taught me – and my brother – was to carry a small note pad & pen to keep jotting down points, notes, observations, discussions, calendar events, etc.  You know, the pads you see on hotel bedside tables, near the phone?  As Richard says in his article, how is it possible to remember what people say, especially when there are dozens of ideas and points being discussed, etc.?

My father is an avid note taker – and I have seen first hand how useful it is in actioning, remembering & following up on things … often to great discomfort to some of us 😊!

It truly is a great habit and tool – for anyone, regardless of profession – and not just for business.  It works for odd jobs, house work, personal work, points for family…you name it!

Now I’ve graduated to using the calendar and note-taking apps (with their reminder tones) on my phone – but my father and brother still use the paper notes.  Either source peforms the same function.  However, to be very honest, I still don’t use the basic concept as much as I should and as much as my family does!


Another ancillary tip- using a diary for the same purpose.  Again, to give credit where it’s due, my father taught our Executives and us to diarize the day’s events in the date it is required.  At the end of the day, those points which have been actioned can be struck off; those points which have to be taken forward to another date can be transferred to that date- so that when the appointed date comes, you remember to action that.

Great tips – ever learning!

What other tips do you use to help you through your day or through your work?