What does a government do for us? 🤔


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June 14, 2019

According to “https://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-government-definition-role-functions.html#transcriptHeader”, “Government, …, is the authority that sets rules for a society, helps its members relate to one another and to others, and keeps it running smoothly, securely, and peacefully”.

I, alongwith 6 billion others, will have 6 billion & 1 reasons on what a government’s role is in society.

… But, why do we exist?  Why are we living?  Why did “societies” and “cultures” crop up?

It is for the promotion of general welfare of those societies & cultures.  That’s what should be the purpose of any government and NOT a 20, 30, 40-page manifesto of the “ideal” society!!!  How much of these manifestos actually materialize in your country?

There is NO perfect society or government by a long shot.  However, I feel the county which comes closest to this 1-point “ideal” is Singapore!  The country has remained neutral; it looks after it’s citizens and residents; and their education & health policies are almost second to none!

If all governments, including here in Pakistan, were to use this one-point agenda (general welfare of its citizens) as it’s rallying call, I think all policies – domestic or international – would correctly flow from this.

Like Star Trek, eventually, the quest for the human race should be furthering “knowledge” and what humanity can eventually develop into!



(Title catchphrase from the original television show & film series “Star Trek”)

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April 1, 2019

What’s worse than having a hangover but isn’t an hangover ?  A 27 hour travel to Vancouver and then add 4 hours for the return journey.  I wish it had been a hangover instead!

We traveled from Karachi to Doha- so that’s 3 hours; with a 3 hour wait in Doha.  We then had a 15½ hour journey to Los Angeles.  That was followed by a 3 hour wait.  Finally, another 3 hour journey to Vancouver… 27 HOURS!

Returning was exactly the same- except we had to add 2 more hours for the wait in Los Angeles; and 2 more hours for the wait in Doha… 31 HOURS!

Being in Economy didn’t really help either!

I just read an article that the Spaceship X type of programs will eventually result in an half hour journey between Dubai & London – can’t wait for that to happen!

Till then, I wish star Trek’s transporter was actually there- we could simply be across the world with a simple “beam me up… Scotty”!

Beam me up Scotty.jpg

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