Can We Please BAN Motorcycles on Karachi’s Roads!?


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July 3, 2019

Of course we … cannot!

Like any other vehicle, if driven responsibly and safely, motorcycles are lots of fun and easier to get around a big city than a car.  Majority of the World’s developing nations rely on this transport.

Continuing with my earlier thoughts on this – – they are [one of] the bane of my existence!

Motorcyclists in Karachi are the most reckless drivers, followed closely by truckers & buses; they don’t follow the rules or the law; they don’t believe in personal safety, let alone another commuter’s safety; and they believe they are the kings of the roads!  Road tests to get them to drive in a specified lane could not even be implemented successfully.

Karachi does not have any other reasonable alternative or adequate means of commute – our “metro” is non existent and the bus service wouldn’t be able to support the public’s requirements if motorcycles were actually banned.

So what’s the alternative?

Physically partition two of the left most lanes of all major roads & arteries so that cycles, motorcycles, rickshaws … and BUSES can only drive there; and leave the other two (or more) lanes for four wheelers of all kinds.  Don’t allow the former to come into the majority lanes – on penalty of confiscation of the vehicle for six months … no fine, just outright confiscation!  Make it a LAW.

For you motorcyclists out there, what other practical and reasonable solutions or suggestions do you have?


For the Love of … Motorcycles?

Aunty Acid motorcycle

February 22, 2019

Oooooh… I wish I had a TANK !

Nothing … and I mean nothing … irritates me as much as the motorcycle riders in #Karachi.

As my father loves saying, correctly, “five fingers of your hand are not the same” – likewise I don’t expect all drivers to be the same nor to drive as his/her co-driver does.  But there must be some basis for uniformity, safety and correct driving.

We all have an obligation to one another to drive rationally, safely and within the law (as I believe I do) – and that’s where our bikers fail miserably.

Not following the rules of the road is one thing but crass, irresponsible driving is what they excel in- weaving between lanes, “cruising” in the fast lane, overtaking on the wrong side and not having adequate safety, especially with a family on board, are but a snapshot of my case against them.

…and when there’s an accident because of his mistake, it’ll never be the biker’s “fault”!  Then the bystanders are all around you, other motorcyclists bay for their pound of flesh like rabid dogs and the biker suddenly believes he’s the hero – and we car drivers don’t stand a chance in the moral court of public opinion ☹.

What’s the solution- DRIVE A FRIGGIN’ TANK and then ask the bikers to play chicken!

Mind you, not everyone is like this- there are exceptions and I thank them for driving correctly, smartly and safely.

Oooooh… I wish I had a TANK !


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