The HOME OFFICE … Just Doesn’t Cut Ice!

Last year (Covid) started as a novelty for me, for the “working from home” concept.  With the pandemic just started, hotels, businesses & offices closed, transport largely banned, etc, sitting at home in my shorts & Sadrah (Zoroastrian religious vest) and working on my computer was truly a novelty.

My wife & I still woke relatively early, as if it were a working day; but instead of going to the office, I made my way downstairs to the dining room with my laptop.

Come May 2020, my emotions got penned in

From May 2020 to end December (businesses resumed around October), our corporate office changed the daily “suit” dress code to “very smart casual” attire (with a tie in our jacket pockets).  In between my brother started coming daily to office; and I started on an alternate day basis- just to keep ourselves somewhat in the “routine”.

Now as we sit in April 2021 and I have come to the realization that through all this time – the working from home concept; the alternate working days; the dress code, etc – took it’s psychological toll on me! 

Even though I was in office by 9am, my productivity actually dropped; I was lazy; day dreaming in office; procrastinating; and waiting to return home, with a glass of some “amber” liquid with ice & water … and then last week, someone brought it to my attention that this effect of the pandemic seems to be a general trend with others too.  GOSH 😱 !  It’s taken over a year for this realization to sink in to me.

… So, to hell with our own office rules; to hell with “working at home”; to hell with the pandemic!  My sanity was at stake – so back to office with full suit & tie 😊!!!!

… and yes, maybe it’s mental/psychological/what-not, I feel a physical and emotional change over my mental health, my outlook to life, my work habits and my productivity & output.

So, whatever the world at large may say about the benefits of “working from home” or the “home office”, my personal believe & experience says IT JUST DOESN’T CUT ICE!

Don’t get into the rut of the “home office” concept – GET YOUR ASS BACK TO WORK !!!

A Case for … Not Working from Home!

May 20, 2020

Yawn … Yawwn … YAWWNNNN

It’s almost two months for our lockdown in Pakistan and working from home.

The first month went well, working from home I mean.

Started waking up at 7am, instead of 6

You find the time to exercise more

                              Lounge in your shorts and socks

                                             No shirt, just your vest (in my case, Sadrah)

                                                            Come 5pm, put on your shirt and shoes (stay in your socks) and sit in the garden

                      It’s fine as long as you keep working, keep at it, stay busy!

But now, now, now …. YAWNNNNNN ….

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               (forgot what I was thinking!)


Today, as I write these words, I realize that working from home is NOT AN OPTION.  There is no such successful concept as “an office at home”.  The novelty wears away.  So does one’s creativity.  Office interaction.  Office dynamics.

Actually, now to think of it, it felt good going to office – sometimes even being first to open the doors – sticking to a ROUTINE.  You then actually enjoy your weekends at home more. 

Go figure