Is COVID, Thanos’ Snap?

(…and Yet Further Tirades of a Layman [COVID] – 4)

June 12, 2020

(Do you follow Marvel Cinematic Universe?)

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With one snap of his fingers, Thanos eliminates an arbitrary 50% of the world’s population; according to him it was to correct Nature’s imbalance … he was “trying to save the universe from itself”. 

Yeah, right!!!!

Compared to any other living being on Earth & the seas, humans’ capacity to harm & kill each other, and exploit & destroy the world’s resources, is unlimited.

Is the Coronavirus pandemic nature’s way of correcting our exploitation of the World?

               Is the Coronavirus pandemic a lesson to humans about the value of Life?

               Is the Coronavirus pandemic here to give mankind a taste of its own Medicine?

Whatever the reasons, we need to sit up, learn and rectify our ways.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is going to happen in this lifetime!  As I said, our capacity to harm others gets in the way of all the good that we, as a human “community”, can potentially do for each other.

In spite of this global pandemic, which continues to rise, these last four months have shown that we continue with strife, war and conflict; instead of banding together as one community regardless of nationality, creed, caste, religion, colour, gender to solve this threat.

In spite of this global pandemic, most countries continue to approach this threat with internal strife, no unified policy and no cohesiveness.

In spite of this global pandemic, politics and “big” business still comes in the way of human life and morals.

Few countries, like New Zealand, seem to have overcome these obstacles & been successful …

For others, is “Thanos’ Snap” imminent?

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May 1, 2019

I’m not a public movie critic.  I’ve never done it before.  However, like “billion” others in this World, I am a die hard Avengers (MCU) fan; and, to my wife’s chagrin, I’ve seen all the Avenger movies multiple times on the screen & at home – and I will continue to see the other 21 MCU movies again though 😊😊.

I will NEVER see END GAME again! ☹

  1. Long is fine, generally … but this one dragged on – I’ve never been so glad for an intermission!
  2. Fine…”Thor: Ragnarok” was a comedy – however, this one took “comedy” to a new extreme!
  3. Thor & Hulk’s role just didn’t fit their respective character’s profiles – not only was one “kind” and “soppy”; the other was “drunk” & a “slob”!
  4. My hero has always been Captain America – BUT how in hell did he get married AND grow old when he goes back to the past, when he can’t age after Erksine’s Super Soldier transformation?
  5. Thanos even downed Captain Marvel! She’s, in effect, a walking, talking TESSERACT!  How was Thanos more powerful than her?  We expected her to “save the day” – but her role was minimal.
  6. Was it a “drama” or was the movie meant to be action? The past Avengers and MCUs have all been full action – the only true action sequence is at the end when all heroes return with Hulk’s snap.  If I wanted to see “drama”, I could have seen “Bold & Beautiful”!
  7. I grudgingly agree to Black Widow’s sacrifice (over Barton’s death due to him being a “family” man); but Iron Man! Why!?  Iron Man had a wife and child.  Captain Marvel could have saved the day with her strength; alternatively, Captain America could have been the sacrifice due to his “single” status.
  8. I will see the ending fight sequence again though 😊

Don’t you think MCU could have done so so so much more with Endgame?

(Views expressed are my personal opinion)