Takeaway from KLF 2020!

March 2, 2020

Closing Ceremony

March 2, 2020

Takeaway from KLF 2020!

There were many interesting sessions at this year’s Karachi Literature Festival; and naturally, it’s just impossible to visit many of them due to clashing schedules.

However, I found a certain “theme” which seems to emanate this year – the NEED FOR QUALITY EDUCATION AT THE PRIMARY LEVEL.  Let me explain in brief with examples of the sessions at KhiLF 2020-

  • Baluchistan: Engaging the Twain
    • Crisis after crisis, our citizens forget the lessons of the past and plod on.  No one questions the status quo.  No one raises their voice against wrongdoings.  Why- because there is no education, hence no one is taught how to work towards accountability; how to raise one’s voice.
    • How can civil servants and bureaucrats from Baluchistan province be nurtured if there is no education system to speak of?  How can the largest province of Pakistan take ownership of its province if there are no Baluchis in the bureaucracy, civil & police service and government?
  • Media Crisis: Who Is Responsible
    • Panelists said teach them to ASK QUESTIONS – in our education system, our kids follow what we TELL THEM.  This is wrong- why can’t they question us, their teachers, their elders!?
    • Panelists identified INTERNAL changes required- besides the standard, belligerent talk shows, no channel has anything else – there are no quiz shows, entertainment shows, kids’ programs, current social subjects, civic topics, environment, etc.  If we can reform our TV channels, it will positively help engage children in ways no school can.

In all these cases, the central solution in my mind comes to educating our children from Kindergarten level.  This will bring about patience, morals, how to be better citizens, civic sense & hygiene (personal and environment).  This will ensure that 18 years from now our children will take ownership of their city, region, province!

“All Roads Lead to Rome” … in Pakistan’s case, all roads lead to EDUCATION. 

Why are we blind to this???

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