The Hotel World of Karachi of 1980s

Good Old Karachi

You are actually in a world of your own!
By Menin Rodrigues (April 1994)

Keeping in view the economic gains envisaged for Pakistan as she nears the twenty-first
century, there is no doubt in my mind that the hotel industry here, if conditions favor, is
going to grow two-fold in the next decade or so.

 Just recently, I bid goodbye to my hotels’ career and decided to divulge into a broader
spectrum of the marketing and communications sphere. For the last twelve years, I have
had the unique opportunity of working with the management teams of four of the best
known luxury hotel chains of Pakistan. There have been no regrets. Employment in the hotel industry is just as exciting and rewarding, in many respects better, than working for any other large organization. In hotels there are so many precious moments to cherish – as one…

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