Parsis of Karachi, Come Back

Good Old Karachi



As the sun shimmered down across the horizon of a beleaguered city on a balmy
evening of December 30, the penultimate sunset of 2015 took away with it a year
fraught with anguish and snags. Yet at the same time it brought to a close
plentiful joyous moments and amazing advancements in digital and space
technology, and life-saving medicine.
Earlier today, I had chanced upon the Karachi Parsi Institute (KPI) to review
arrangements for the annual fund-raising New Year’s Night Ball organized by
Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP). Going to KPI this afternoon was like ‘coming
home’ after many, many years; a place where I played numerous cricket
matches, jogged every morning with my chum DC and spent weekends watching
some of the greats play top-grade cricket. R.S. Cooper and Homi Mobed were
the favorites of my time.
If there was a weekend fun…

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