Half Century Old Small Businesses in Karachi

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Good Old Karachi

Amin H. Karim

In this article we will present small family owned businesses in Karachi that have survived the changes of Karachi. It will be work in progress as we add more businesses that are discovered by the members of the Karachi Past and Present forum on FaceBook.
Karachiites remember many a small business that did an excellent job in their field. It is a personal observation that many family owned businesses in Karachi came to an end for one of the three reasons: (1) competition from large corporations as happens in many parts of the world (2) family disintegration due to one reason or another (3) and most importantly, I think, emigration of children to other countries a direct result of unfortunate violence in the city but also children simply not returning once they were prospering in other countries. There may be other reasons as well.
Here are some…

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