Cleaning My City, Not a Big Deal

How very true. I coincidentally write a similar point

To clean is not an issue, you are absolutely correct…what is needed is simply… THE WILL!

Good Old Karachi

Cleaning my city, not a big deal!

By Menin Rodrigues


September 10, 2019 – Federal committees, provincial governments, the municipal
corporation, the mayor’s antics – are all cock and bull stories! Karachi, my beleaguered
city does not need any of these lofty imaginary protocols, loud-talking groups and
photo-hungry people who don’t really understand Karachi, period.
Why? Because none, presumably, have any affinity with, and ownership or awareness of
this once secular, beautiful and peaceful city! Its economic muscle, access to air-
sea and land routes, geo-political physical features, ethnic and cultural
diversity, historical landmarks and architecture, endless kilometers of
sandy beaches, wide thoroughfares, sprawling parks, huge stormwater
drains and a traffic quagmire, are its hallmarks!
To say that each of these traits of Karachi has been destroyed and abused, relegating the
city to its lowest ebb, would have said the least. Citizens are now at the mercy of a

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