January 30, 2020

This must be one of the most hilarious sitcoms I’ve ever seen!  After an hectic day, my wife and I watch episodes from Big Bang and your laugh comes from deep within you … but you ‘gotta’ have that sense of humour 😊 !

Each of these genius NERDS have their own idiosyncrasies, moods, humour, gall and idiocy… and, oh yes, let’s not forget their FASHION sense…

… but they are the fastest of friends…yet would kill each other [figuratively] when given a chance!

… they enjoy each other’s company.

(Photo credit-

… they enjoy their own mind games and their idiosyncratic humor.

… they live in their own little world.

… and, yeah, they enjoy their comic bookstore, collector-edition comics and Comicons!

So, what does this gut-spilling, hilarious comedy tell me – One can be a nerd and yet have friends from within that social group.  They don’t hide that they dislike confrontation.

They are not trying to fit in.  As far as they are concerned, their world revolves around their room and mutual activities.

This reminds me of my July 2019 post

In our world, we try to fit in; we want everyone to like us; we have to live upto the expectations of our society.


Like the Big Bang characters, can we not be happy with ourselves and who we are, instead of what we should be or look like in the eyes of society?

Leonard, Sheldon, Rajesh & Howard were marginalized growing up but found their own social & work group and don’t feel compelled to follow society’s lifestyle or rules.

Isn’t that a more peaceful & contented way to live … not “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Cleaning My City, Not a Big Deal

How very true. I coincidentally write a similar point

To clean is not an issue, you are absolutely correct…what is needed is simply… THE WILL!

Good Old Karachi

Cleaning my city, not a big deal!

By Menin Rodrigues


September 10, 2019 – Federal committees, provincial governments, the municipal
corporation, the mayor’s antics – are all cock and bull stories! Karachi, my beleaguered
city does not need any of these lofty imaginary protocols, loud-talking groups and
photo-hungry people who don’t really understand Karachi, period.
Why? Because none, presumably, have any affinity with, and ownership or awareness of
this once secular, beautiful and peaceful city! Its economic muscle, access to air-
sea and land routes, geo-political physical features, ethnic and cultural
diversity, historical landmarks and architecture, endless kilometers of
sandy beaches, wide thoroughfares, sprawling parks, huge stormwater
drains and a traffic quagmire, are its hallmarks!
To say that each of these traits of Karachi has been destroyed and abused, relegating the
city to its lowest ebb, would have said the least. Citizens are now at the mercy of a

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Half Century Old Small Businesses in Karachi

Great article

Good Old Karachi

Amin H. Karim

In this article we will present small family owned businesses in Karachi that have survived the changes of Karachi. It will be work in progress as we add more businesses that are discovered by the members of the Karachi Past and Present forum on FaceBook.
Karachiites remember many a small business that did an excellent job in their field. It is a personal observation that many family owned businesses in Karachi came to an end for one of the three reasons: (1) competition from large corporations as happens in many parts of the world (2) family disintegration due to one reason or another (3) and most importantly, I think, emigration of children to other countries a direct result of unfortunate violence in the city but also children simply not returning once they were prospering in other countries. There may be other reasons as well.
Here are some…

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The Hotel World of Karachi of 1980s

Good Old Karachi

You are actually in a world of your own!
By Menin Rodrigues (April 1994)

Keeping in view the economic gains envisaged for Pakistan as she nears the twenty-first
century, there is no doubt in my mind that the hotel industry here, if conditions favor, is
going to grow two-fold in the next decade or so.

 Just recently, I bid goodbye to my hotels’ career and decided to divulge into a broader
spectrum of the marketing and communications sphere. For the last twelve years, I have
had the unique opportunity of working with the management teams of four of the best
known luxury hotel chains of Pakistan. There have been no regrets. Employment in the hotel industry is just as exciting and rewarding, in many respects better, than working for any other large organization. In hotels there are so many precious moments to cherish – as one…

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Parsis of Karachi, Come Back

Good Old Karachi



As the sun shimmered down across the horizon of a beleaguered city on a balmy
evening of December 30, the penultimate sunset of 2015 took away with it a year
fraught with anguish and snags. Yet at the same time it brought to a close
plentiful joyous moments and amazing advancements in digital and space
technology, and life-saving medicine.
Earlier today, I had chanced upon the Karachi Parsi Institute (KPI) to review
arrangements for the annual fund-raising New Year’s Night Ball organized by
Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP). Going to KPI this afternoon was like ‘coming
home’ after many, many years; a place where I played numerous cricket
matches, jogged every morning with my chum DC and spent weekends watching
some of the greats play top-grade cricket. R.S. Cooper and Homi Mobed were
the favorites of my time.
If there was a weekend fun…

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Our Ultimate MOTHER … Earth!

January 23, 2020


Several posts this week made me sit up and think critically … “what are we doing to our mother Earth!

Firstly, Conservation International’s “Nature is Speaking”, on, impacted me the most – I implore you to see this short video but it’s MOST STRIKING excerpts are given below-


“             … I don’t really need people.  But people need me.  Yes, your future depends on me.

When I thrive, you thrive.  When I falter, you falter.  Or worse.

How you choose to live each day, whether you regard or disregard me, doesn’t really matter to me.

Your actions will determine your fate.  Not mine.  I am nature.  I will go on …”


                              CHILLING …yes!

Then, Denmark’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Rolf Holmboe, opined in  Again, an EYE-OPENER and again I request you to read this short and very interesting piece, the excerpts of which are –


  1. Globally performing economies are the ones transitioning fastest to renewable electricity production
  2. Renewable energy [can] form the baseload in producing electricity (more than 80 percent of electricity used in Denmark is now generated from renewables)
  3. The only way to make the energy sector viable in Pakistan is transitioning to renewable [which can] offer affordable prices to consumers


Pakistan is RICH in solar, wind & water sources – just misused!  There are but a few countries in the world that can boast these resources concurrently.  A few business houses like GUL AHMED have started wind turbines but more needs to be done by more people.

Then, there’s 17-year old Greta Thunberg’s message on climate change “Our House Is Still on Fire”

Here, we have young, teen activists bringing our doom to our attention – why can’t we, as adults, understand our actions are killing the very ‘hand that feeds us’Mother EarthWhy can’t we think of our future!?

Lastly, I had written about recycling & harvesting rain water in August 2019. 

We have rain…we have water from our melting snows… It’s just a matter of harnessing natural sourcesto sustain … LIFE!

               Indeed, as Rolf concludes, “Where does Pakistan want to be?”

We Are Who We Are Because Of Our Forefathers

January 17, 2020

On several occasions I have written extracts about my late grandfather, Dinshaw B. Avari, who was the patriarch of our Group.


I also sincerely believe that “we are who we are because of our grandfather and my father’s” sincere, hard and untiring efforts and work ethics.

I thought the best way to share the hardships and tribulations that my grandfather went through to establish his family is to reproduce his speech – in short blogs over the course of this year.

There are some life’s lessons to be learnt from his words and I hope my family can emulate even a fraction of what he has done, for our children and future generations.



January 17, 2020

(1 of 12)


Dear Colleagues and Friends – When I lost my parents at a very young age in Navsari, I was admitted to the Petit Parsi Orphanage in 1912 as a student. I was regarded a brilliant student in those days, as I used to stand first class first in all subjects. I passed my Matriculation Examination with great success and then joined the Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, at Bombay.

Incidentally, a few days ago, I received a letter from Sir Dinshaw Petit, Baronet from Bombay, stating that the Petit Parsi Orphanage is having its Centenary in September 1988 at Poona. He wanted me, as the oldest student of the Orphanage, to give a lecture to the present students. Mr. Naval Tata who was also in the orphanage with me and whose son is now successor to Mr. J.R.D. Tata has also requested me to attend the Centenary Celebrations, and I have accepted the invitation to speak on this occasion.

I used to give tuitions to youngsters and continued my studies till I passed the Bachelor of Commerce Examination in October 1928. The desire was to join the Imperial Bank of India whose Officers Grade for B.Com Graduates was is 150/- per month but there was no vacancy. At every office which I applied for a job, they asked for references which I could not produce because except for the Teachers of the orphanage nobody else knew me.

Thereafter, I came to know that there was a vacancy for a Clerk in the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada at Bombay whose General Manager was Late Sir Phiroz Sethna.

When I went to see him, he called me into his office and told me that there was no vacancy. While I was waiting to be called in, I heard from the Head Clerk that another Clerk had resigned and that there was a vacancy available.   When I reminded him about this, he immediately appointed me on the same salary of Rs. 75/- as the other clerk was drawing. When I told him that it was a principal of the Imperial Bank to give a minimum salary of Rs. 150/- to B.Com Graduates who would get the Officers Grade, he at once said,  ‘Take the job or Leave it’. I said ‘I accept the job because I am a needy person’. You will be surprised to know, that Sir Phiroz Sethna doubled my salary within three months and promoted me as Chief Accountant.”

(to be continued)


January 2, 2020

On a recent trip to Sydney, I saw their new Sydney Light Rail project under testing and it reminded me of the tram system we commuted in Prague and Zagreb.

Sydney light rail (Sydney Morning Herald)

Karachi is a city of almost 30 Million residents (forget what the “census” says!).  The City is held “hostage” to the traditional bus mafia- unsafe, rash & decrepit.  While the Sind Government is trying to get it’s overdue Bus Metro project started (Lahore is way ahead of us with their Metro!), in a metropolis of this size, our mass transit has to be revolutionized and modernized … and the only way is Metro or a solar powered, Light Rail/Tram system.

The advantages of a light rail network is that it runs above ground – we don’t really know the plans of our buildings’ foundations so better to stick to above-ground solutions.

Like most cities of the world, distances in Karachi are great.  Unlike many cities in the world, Karachi still has wider roads – but as the traffic and parking is not controlled, we remain “bumper to bumper” when driving.  However, if safe parking plazas are built & operated and car, bus & motorcycles’ driving in lanes are regulated, I don’t see why we cannot actually convert one lane (each-way) on each of our main arteries and larger streets to a tram network.  Using the Sun to power the Rail during the day, we will also protect environmental damage and conserve electricity.

We need to MOVE PEOPLE safely and quickly- this will never happen with our current bus service.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to success!