Potty Training Tips


Potty training is a process. In the journey of motherhood, a milestone we all feel proud that we’ve accomplished. (Truly, with all the effort, sometimes I feel we moms deserve a 🏆)

Here are a few tips I learnt while training my older son & now implementing with my younger one.

1. Start early- I feel a good age to start is around 1 when the child is more aware of his/her surroundings.

2. Get a good seat- You do not need a fancy seat with music & lights but yes you do need a seat which is padded & comfortable for your little ones tusshie. I prefer one that fits directly on the regular WC to avoid any messy incidents. After all who likes cleaning poop from a bowl?!

3. Half naked- when at home, let them roam around for awhile without any underwear for them to understand that…

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