What’s the Time Please!?

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May 30, 2019

Time Notes

In the 1980s, my two friends – #Shahrukh & #Shahveer – and I decided we’ll be on time for every party.  Guess what happened … we were the only three there at the appointed time!  What a riot … even the hosts weren’t around.

On average, we only have 657,000 hours in our lifetime – so why WHY NOT MANAGE TIME BETTER!?

Amongst my many idiosyncrasies, I hate being late and I hate waiting for latecomers – I get irritated; it vexes me (I love that term 😊); and it truly gets under my skin.

A close relative has an uncanny ability of turning up at a party just when the food is coming out or a minute earlier.  There has NEVER been a time when he has to wait for the food 😊.

Another close relative just cannot be at an appointment on time – even for his departing flight!  The one time I decided to trick him into going earlier by saying the flight was leaving 30 minutes earlier, was the only time he got to the airport on time … and the flight was delayed!  IRONY!!!

So what can one do-

  • Try putting your watch forward 15 minutes? However, your internal clock will smarten up almost immediately and you’ll know you have the additional 15 minutes available- and you’re back to square one;
  • You can have your partner nag the hell out of you to get out in time;
  • Your secretary can keep calling to pester you to go on time:

… OR, you can realize you only had 657,000 hours available (on average) in your lifetime – before the reaper comes calling – so make the most of it and DON’T BE LATE!

(Incidentally, we couldn’t fight the party system and Shahrukh, Shahveer & I were forced to (in the words of others) stop this ‘ridiculous’ behavior! 😊).


What to Expect from Avari Tower Khi International Iftaar Buffet

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Ihave visited Avari countless times and have never been disappointed. Whether its Suzie Wong or Fujiyama or Asia Live or Sky BBQ, their food is better than all the five star restaurants I have been to. I have been to Avari with friends, family and even had a dawat there and everyone I’ve taken to Avari has liked the food. My husband and I especially love the spread they have at Asia Live buffet. This time we decided to go there for International Iftar.

Upon entering the lobby of Avari, the ambiance with the fairy lights, the crescent moons hanging from the ceiling and the live soulful melodious music puts you in the right mood for iftaar. The center pieces placed at the food stations reflect the holy month of Ramadan and look gorgeous.

The Asia Live buffet for Iftar was really good. I found all my favorites there. They…

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The Sins of Social Media!

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May 22, 2019


The most hyped concept since the last decade – and growing ever stronger – has got some amazing advantages and strengths-

  • It’s brought old friends, & “flames”, together!
  • It acts as a mass “alerts” & warnings medium.
  • Sharing of experiences, travels, musings, ideas and what-not!
  • It’s characteristic of being such a positive influencer on one’s actions and thoughts!
  • …and so many other advantages each of us have individually experienced.

However, we have witnessed it’s negative side too ☹ –

  • Creating a negative influence and perception- and thereafter a mass “conversation” where none should have even existed.
  • The times when people have falsely posted a [perceived] negative experience about one of our hotels- when that’s not been the factual case.
  • The power of sharing a negative post without giving a chance to the party to first explain themselves.
  • How a post goes viral with, and by, people who have no knowledge of the events or experiences mentioned.
  • Once posted, the damage is done – to try to extricate yourself from that or explain your side of the story is too late. The damage done to the affected party can be very severe, cruel and unnecessary.
  • The problem is that the influencer sets the negative tone and content without giving the party a chance to explain their side of the story.

I believe the modus operandi is very simple-

  1. Never post negative on social media about another party (see qualification below);
  2. I have taken up my problems directly with the other party – and even if they can’t solve the problem, their explanation is enough to clear the air.
  3. On a one-to-one basis, first give the other party a chance to explain their point of view, any compulsions or limitations and, even, solutions. Why take it on social media without first communicating with the party causing grief?
  4. Lastly, if – and only if – your experience with the party is still so bad, would you even consider going onto social media.


“The School of Hard Knocks”!

May 14, 2019

Persistence- Calvin Coolidge.jpeg

The attached Quote by the late President of USA aptly describes the resolve & determination my grandfather & family have shown over the last seven decades.

Over these decades, we have faced – and continue to do so – political problems, pressures & interferences; hotel politics; community politics; family crisis; business pressures; sports politics; monetary problems.  Is it because we are minorities?

My late grandfather, Dinshaw B Avari, was an orphan in Mumbai.  Himself learning under a lantern, my grandfather gave tuitions to pay his way through college, obtaining a B.Com from Bombay University.  He started his career in the Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada and in 1929 was sent to Karachi to open the Company’s office.  From this eventually led to the purchase of the Bristol Hotel in Karachi and the start of our family’s hospitality career.  When Beach Luxury Hotel opened in 1948, the property was requisitioned.  In Lahore in the 1950/60s, a new “scheme” by the Governor then, requisitioned our property for so-called public use.  Our Avari Towers Hotel in Karachi, absolutely ready for operations, remained closed for two years due to “competitor” politics…I can go on and on.

However, Calvin Coolidge’s Quote stands tall on our Office wall, as we have weathered the tides & onslaught against us…and survived…and grown … due to the persistence of my grandfather & father!

In the face of these challenges my grandfather used to quote “More things are wrought by prayers, than by man alone”.  There is no substitute for persistence and hard work … and Prayers and faith in God help you overcome such challenges and tribulations.

… and no school can ever teach you this!

“Why Everyone Should Take Notes” … and Diary

(Title & photo credit- https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6529279365681807360 & https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/why-everyone-should-take-notes)

May 8, 2019

Everyone should take notes.jpg

Richard Branson on his LinkedIn feed gave an excellent summary of some reasons for note taking.  Just to summarize-

  1. “To note points that most interest or concern” you;
  2. “How do you expect to remember what was said and act upon it?”
  3. “you can prioritize them and take action”.

Which immediately reminded me of my own father.

I joined our family business on exactly January 1, 1990.  One of the very first things my father taught me – and my brother – was to carry a small note pad & pen to keep jotting down points, notes, observations, discussions, calendar events, etc.  You know, the pads you see on hotel bedside tables, near the phone?  As Richard says in his article, how is it possible to remember what people say, especially when there are dozens of ideas and points being discussed, etc.?

My father is an avid note taker – and I have seen first hand how useful it is in actioning, remembering & following up on things … often to great discomfort to some of us 😊!

It truly is a great habit and tool – for anyone, regardless of profession – and not just for business.  It works for odd jobs, house work, personal work, points for family…you name it!

Now I’ve graduated to using the calendar and note-taking apps (with their reminder tones) on my phone – but my father and brother still use the paper notes.  Either source peforms the same function.  However, to be very honest, I still don’t use the basic concept as much as I should and as much as my family does!


Another ancillary tip- using a diary for the same purpose.  Again, to give credit where it’s due, my father taught our Executives and us to diarize the day’s events in the date it is required.  At the end of the day, those points which have been actioned can be struck off; those points which have to be taken forward to another date can be transferred to that date- so that when the appointed date comes, you remember to action that.

Great tips – ever learning!

What other tips do you use to help you through your day or through your work?




Avengers series.jpg

May 1, 2019

I’m not a public movie critic.  I’ve never done it before.  However, like “billion” others in this World, I am a die hard Avengers (MCU) fan; and, to my wife’s chagrin, I’ve seen all the Avenger movies multiple times on the screen & at home – and I will continue to see the other 21 MCU movies again though 😊😊.

I will NEVER see END GAME again! ☹

  1. Long is fine, generally … but this one dragged on – I’ve never been so glad for an intermission!
  2. Fine…”Thor: Ragnarok” was a comedy – however, this one took “comedy” to a new extreme!
  3. Thor & Hulk’s role just didn’t fit their respective character’s profiles – not only was one “kind” and “soppy”; the other was “drunk” & a “slob”!
  4. My hero has always been Captain America – BUT how in hell did he get married AND grow old when he goes back to the past, when he can’t age after Erksine’s Super Soldier transformation?
  5. Thanos even downed Captain Marvel! She’s, in effect, a walking, talking TESSERACT!  How was Thanos more powerful than her?  We expected her to “save the day” – but her role was minimal.
  6. Was it a “drama” or was the movie meant to be action? The past Avengers and MCUs have all been full action – the only true action sequence is at the end when all heroes return with Hulk’s snap.  If I wanted to see “drama”, I could have seen “Bold & Beautiful”!
  7. I grudgingly agree to Black Widow’s sacrifice (over Barton’s death due to him being a “family” man); but Iron Man! Why!?  Iron Man had a wife and child.  Captain Marvel could have saved the day with her strength; alternatively, Captain America could have been the sacrifice due to his “single” status.
  8. I will see the ending fight sequence again though 😊

Don’t you think MCU could have done so so so much more with Endgame?

(Views expressed are my personal opinion)