(Title catchphrase from the original television show & film series “Star Trek”)

Beam me up Scotty 2.jpg

April 1, 2019

What’s worse than having a hangover but isn’t an hangover ?  A 27 hour travel to Vancouver and then add 4 hours for the return journey.  I wish it had been a hangover instead!

We traveled from Karachi to Doha- so that’s 3 hours; with a 3 hour wait in Doha.  We then had a 15½ hour journey to Los Angeles.  That was followed by a 3 hour wait.  Finally, another 3 hour journey to Vancouver… 27 HOURS!

Returning was exactly the same- except we had to add 2 more hours for the wait in Los Angeles; and 2 more hours for the wait in Doha… 31 HOURS!

Being in Economy didn’t really help either!

I just read an article that the Spaceship X type of programs will eventually result in an half hour journey between Dubai & London – can’t wait for that to happen!

Till then, I wish star Trek’s transporter was actually there- we could simply be across the world with a simple “beam me up… Scotty”!

Beam me up Scotty.jpg

(Images courtesy- http://walter-russell.com/beam-me-up-scotty/ & https://seekingalpha.com/article/4134953-beam-scotty)

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