Blast from the Past- “The Good Ol’ Days”

February 1, 2019

Everyone talks of “them good ol’ days” (yankee accent please 😊) … and I really believe they were!


We were too young to enjoy those days in the ‘70s but I remember talks of cabarets in Karachi, international flights (with layover crew), bars, discos … basically Karachi was just another big, cosmopolitan & accepted city.

Our Beach Luxury Hotel used to be one of the hotels which annually hosted the December 31st New Year Eve dinner & bash.  My parents talked of performers like The Talismen band (Norman is still going strong – good for Norman!), Conchita with Soc Penalosa & his Filipino quartet, Maria Angelica, Rita Elen, The Broadway Sisters and many many more international performers especially flown in just for that one night.

Besides New Year’s eve dinners, there were regular shows through the year – and all “black tie”, formal affairs- where the women dressed up in their finest and the men in their tux’s, sporting cigars.

BLH Blast from the past 2018 - Copy.jpg

Once my brother and I tried to peek in between the drawn curtains only to be shoo’d away by an extremely energetic Maitre’D.

Pace of life was slower (you weren’t a corporate slave as now), you enjoyed the company of others (not your cell phone), people drank because their enjoyed their drink (not with the sole purpose to get drunk), they had the time to meet, socialize and network because they wanted to (not because they had to) & love was free and uninhibited …

Mind you, there are advantages of living in our era too but I think growing up in the ’50s-70s had it’s own magic – don’t you?



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