The Middle Seat

January 26, 2019


It really gets my goat that a passenger on a middle seat can’t sit as comfortably as the people on the aisle or window.

I was traveling with my wife to Dubai – she had the window seat , I was sitting in the middle and another passenger in the aisle seat, to my right.

I’ve always believed, and have practiced, that the poor sod in the middle seat (in this case, that was me!) should be given arms space for both arms and elbows, just as the window person has the space at the window side and the aisle person has the aisle side to lean on.

My wife gave me space to put my left elbow on our common armrest; but my aisle seatmate not only made his left arm comfortable on the common armrest BUT nicely leaned his body to the left towards me. Then through the flight, instead of leaning towards the aisle, he conveniently used both armrests, favoring the one towards me more!

What gives the right to the side seaters to lean into the middle seat person?

Shouldn’t the middle seater have the space to be comfortable by getting priority for his/her arms majority of the time; or do you feel that because all passengers have paid for the seat, they have just as much right to the armrests?

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