Our People

January 9, 2019

Our Core Values revolve around our people, our team members – Associates, Supervisors, Officers, Assistant Department heads, Department Heads and the General Manager – who work with us.  (More on our Core Values in another post however).

A while back, a team member asked why I was requesting our hotels to post our monthly “Employee of the Month” [competition] on social media (incidentally we need to change this title to “Team Member of the Month”).  That surprised me as I realized our own teams don’t know the purpose of this competition …

…and, at it’s very bare level, it’s to publicly RECOGNIZE the services and contribution of our people in our hotels on a monthly basis.

The “prize” is not going to make them millionaires!  It’s however the quest for recognition of an outstanding job done in the previous month – either towards guest satisfaction; or honesty; or towards her/his peer; and so on.  Two people are chosen monthly- one from our Associates & Supervisors; and another from our Officers category.

So, when I started practicing Social Media, as a test case on our Beach Luxury Hotel five years ago, I started posting these results on a monthly basis- their photo; a brief write; their background in the hotel; years of service; and something special about him/her.

I will therefore incorporate this in my blog too– and will post the two people on a monthly basis.

…at the end of the day, our hotels are OUR PEOPLE!


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